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Increase In Work Load

An increase in workload could result in the inability to ensure quality performance and timely delivery. Outsourcing can help avoid this unprecedented situation.

Customers use our data capturing services for a wide variety of applications which includes market surveys, customer feedback, membership records, payment transfer, contest forms, staff opinion surveys, warranty cards and even multiple choice questions in examinations etc.

With our team of experienced keypunch operators, Kedar Enterprises is able to provide a reasonably fast turnaround without compromising on quality and accuracy.

Proper Documentation of New and Old Manuscripts.

In the past, most manuscripts were handwritten and most organizations had a stockpile of hardcopy forms filed away somewhere. It becomes difficult to retrieve information from these records. Just attempting to identify and retrieve a specific record may be very time consuming, and at times efforts may even prove futile.

Even today, certain forms are mostly completed manually first, before being entered into the computer for retrieval when required.

Survey Data & Report

The information gathered through surveys, customer feedback etc. is extremely vital and a detailed study of the data gathered could help improve the productivity and efficiency of any organization. The processing of these information must be handled carefully and with a high degree of accuracy. However the type of information collected in these survey activities can often be very difficult to process due to varying responses on the part of the participant, and would greatly rely on the subjective judgment on the part of the person doing the data entry..

The people at DataInputServices are extremely experienced in this area; and the service frequently includes pre-coding of survey responses.

Our team of experienced operations and programming staff will consult with you and design a data capture solution to meet your particular needs. The specific requirements of your survey will be taken into account, so that the entry of the data proceeds as fast as possible and with a high degree of accuracy.

Database Records

Maintaining and updating the particulars of existing customers or prospective customers is extremely important to any organization, especially in those businesses where profits are mainly dependent on the size of their customer base. Such customer list may vary from a few thousand upto a few million records; with the need for regular maintenance as well as updating.

This type of data can come from varying sources like responses to lucky draw, product advertising or promotion campaigns, competitions or contest forms, direct marketing campaigns, transactional printouts; or simply from application forms or sales call reports etc.

DataInputServices has over the years assisted its customers in capturing such data and even converting these data into electronically usable files or databases, as well as managing the ongoing maintenance of databases.

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